The Mindset Approach


Mindset by LB is for sustainable adjustments- to work with our lives. We specialize in building exercise and wellness programs for your life. Each program includes modifications to fit where you are in your fitness journey. Together we can design a program to fit your schedule, your environment, your availability and your health history. With guidance that is specific to you, attainable goals, and a program designed to fit your needs, the only piece missing is you.

  • Strength & Endurance
    Strength & Endurance
    Let’s keep our heart, muscles and bones healthy. Strength is an important part of maintaining our range of motion and bone density.
  • Balance
    We demonstrate balance through our diet, stress management, lifestyle activities, mindfulness, and of course- physically our ability to balance!
  • Lifestyle
    Lifestyle looks different for everyone. Through establishing our priotities and values- we can design a life that is curated to our own interests where fitness folds into our life, rather than our life working around fitness.
  • Rest
    Rest is a reminder to give ourselves grace! With a new routine it is normal to go through periods of motivation and periods of resistance. We should expect a normal ebb and flow and allow ourselves rest and relaxation.

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